Celebrity Big Brother 2015 housemates kick off after Perez Hilton's comeback

Celebrity Big Brother spoilers!

Celebrity Big Brother 2015

Perez Hilton's return to the Celebrity Big Brother 2015 house resulted in a huge argument in the early hours of this morning.

The housemates had been under the belief that Perez had left the house on Sunday after staging a fake walkout, smashing his way through a fire exit.

But last night's live show saw him return to the main house having spent the past two days living in a secret room watching all the goings on.

Perez was coy over what he had seen and in the evening took Nadia Sawalha aside to fill her in.

It left the Loose Women star fuming and she confronted Katie Hopkins branding her "the most two faced person."

Katie H didn't really respond to Nadia's rant but Calum Best did step in, with Nadia complaining: "She's [Katie H] talking to him every day and then bitching behind his back, the nicest guy here."

"What is wrong with you? What is wrong with you right now? Chill man," Calum told her.

"Don't get passive aggressive with me," snapped Nadia, "No, shut up. Don't tell me to chill."

"You're telling me to shut up?" asked Calum.

And he got his answer: "Yeah, shut up, shuuut up! I'm not apologising to you for anything. You have really bloody disappointed me."

Calum hit back: "You and Patsy should've gone together man. You see what's happened here? Shocking behaviour. DO ONE."

With Calum storming out of the room, Nadia said: "That's the real colours. Two faced. Two faced people."

Meanwhile, Perez seemed to be trying to causeeven more trouble with the other housemates.

He teased: "I can give you specifics things I saw that were hurtful and two faced you said and did."

Katie H accused Perez of "filling Nadia up with a load of old trot" but Nadia retorted: "It's filmed! He's watched it!"

Perez replied to Katie H: "Honey, I do not have any power over Nadia, she's her own amazing, brilliant person. All I know is I saw you being the two faced person you are."

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