Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Michelle Visage in TEARS over Perez Hilton's return

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Perez Hilton's comeback to the Celebrity Big Brother 2015 house last night left Michelle Visage in tears.

The CBB housemates were led to believe that Perez had left the house on Sunday after staging a fake walkout.

But last night saw him return to the main house having spent the past two days living in a secret room watching all the goings on.

Michelle was left crying over Perez's return, sobbing: "This country needs a voice. I don't care if he goes to the final, I don't care if he takes my place in the final.

"What I care about is that this voice is being heard, he's not in there for that, hes in that for self serving narcissistic reasons."

Katie Hopkins pointed out, as part of the twist, Perez will now automatically face every future eviction of the series.

But Michelle pointed out: "He doesn't have to go, they can keep him in. Come on, we know how it works, you know how it works and I know how it works.

"If the public really voted, maybe there would be a chance. We were just starting to have a good time..."

Michelle complained to both of the Katies: "What if I get to the final and I lose to that. Then all of my fight has been for nothing. He's sitting there saying he hates the British public which I adore. "

Celebrity Big Brother 2015 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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