Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Peter Andre 'is furious with Katie Price'

Celebrity Big Brother 2015

Peter Andre is said to be "furious" with his ex-wife Katie Price's behaviour on Celebrity Big Brother 2015.

The singer is apparently unhappy with Katie blabbing all about her exes as well as her often graphic sex talk.

"Pete can't believe the things she's been coming out with and how foul her mouth has been," a source said this week.

They told new! magazine: "While he can stop the kids watching the show when they're at his, he's petrified because he can't control what they hear and see when they're not with him.:

The magazine reports that Pete is "fearful" of what his kids' school pals and their parents have seen.

"Pete's worried as he doesn't know what Katie's going to say next!" the source added.

Peter Andre previously ruled out an appearance on CBB himself, saying: “I normally say ‘never say never’ to doing new things but I think I’m happier watching CBB than ever starring in it."

Meanwhile, another of Katie's exes has spoken up.

Dane Bowers has told the former Page 3 model to STFU, basically.

He said: "She's written about it all before! I'm not worried. I don't get why she's bothering? It's like, you've said it all before, be dignified and be like 'Yeah, I've been f**ked over' and that's it."

Katie P is in the final of this year's CBB along with Katie Hopkins, Calum Best, Keith Chegwin and Michelle Visage.


Celebrity Big Brother 2015 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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