Celebrity Big Brother 2015 spoilers! Day 20 recap and highlights

What happened on Big Brother tonight

Celebrity Big Brother 2015

Here's a preview of tonight's (extremely short) Celebrity Big Brother highlights.

Perez is in his secret room as Big Brother’s Puppet Master. He uses this time to talk to himself in the mirror, appraising today’s outfit. He called himself ‘a hot pink warrior’.

Cami Li thinks that Katie Price nominated her, which she did, but is unaware that it was Perez that put her up to face the public vote.

Katie Price senses that Cami Li is being off with her and says: ‘If you’ve got a problem, say it to my face.’ Perez loves this in his secret room and says: ‘Cami Li is not as strong or ballsy as KP!’

Katie Price tells the rest of the group in the kitchen that Cami Li is an adult and as such should realise that it’s going to get harder as the process goes on and that they have to nominate someone.

Perez is set a task by Big Brother. He has to pick a Housemate to ask questions of in the Diary Room. That Housemate will be told that they are viewer questions. He picks Katie Hopkins.

Katie Hopkins is called to the Diary Room and as she walks there, Nadia says to Cami Li and Katie Price: ‘She’s an exhibitionist in all the wrong ways.’

Question 1
When Perez was in the house, were you jealous of him stealing the spotlight?
Answer – ‘Never, I found it troubling that he wanted to be in the spotlight.’ She adds: ‘I’m glad he’s out of the house.’

Question 2
Who’s your biggest competition in the house?
Answer – ‘Michelle, she’s determined to get to the final.’ Perez adds that that’s why Katie Price made friends with her.

Question 3
Do your best impression of a bird.
Katie goes on to do quite an impressive impression of a chicken, complete with walk.

Big Brother asks Patsy if she will be sad to go and she says: ‘Three weeks has felt like a really long time.’

Calum says to Cami Li: ‘I’m glad we met, you have your moments but you’re alright.’

Patsy says to Nadia that she doesn’t want Cami Li to be the one to be evicted. She also says that if either her or Nadia go, she doesn’t think they’ll be missed.

Nadia comments to the group at bedtime: ‘We’ve been institutionalised.’

The episode ends with Perez saying: ‘It’s gonna get even crazier when I get back in the house.’

Celebrity Big Brother airs tonight on Channel 5 from 9PM with the highlights, eviction and Perez's return to the house.

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