Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Pass to final or nominations curse for Perez Hilton?

Should Perez be rewarded or punished?

perez 2

Perez Hilton will get a big surprise from us viewers on tonight's Celebrity Big Brother 2015.

On Sunday night, the showbiz blogger was asked by Big Brother to stage a fake walkout before he moved into a secret room.

He's been living there since with the other housemates being fooled into believing that Perez has become the latest to have walked from the house.

In his secret room, Perez has been able to influence goings on from grilling housemates in the Diary Room to changing the week's nominations.

Tonight will see Perez make a dramatic return to the main house but not without an extra twist.

He'll either be rewarded with a pass to the final or he'll be punished and given a nominations curse that sees him eternally nominated for every remaining eviction.

It's up to us viewers to decide which fate awaits Perez with a poll currently online on the Official Celebrity Big Brother mobile app, available for iOS and Android devices.

We want to know which way you'll be voting and so we've got our online poll below.

Remember that the poll here is just for fun and you'll need to vote in the official mobile app to make your vote count ahead of tonight's live show.

Celebrity Big Brother 2015 airs tonight from 9PM with the latest live show hosted by Emma Willis.

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