Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Producers accused of 'fix' over Perez Hilton twist

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Big Brother bosses are facing a backlash over a new twist involving Perez Hilton.

Yesterday Perez staged a fake walk out of the Celebrity Big Brother house.

His housemates were told he has quit the show but in truth he's simply moved in to a secret room next door and is listening and watching in to their every move, and even having an influence on the house goings on.

Exactly what the twist will ultimate involve hasn't been revealed yet but the latest nominations took place in the evening after Perez had left.

Many aren't impressed by the move, claiming it's been done to keep Perez in after he was narrowly evicted on Friday night.

"Perhaps winning's in his contract along with safety and food," one fan wrote.

Another added online: "Absolutely ridiculous if he's safe from nominations. Another ploy to extend his stay in the house. "

On our site, comments included: "Bit of a joke to save perez from being up for eviction...another fix."

"Well done BB another fix to keep that rat from being evicted."

But despite the complaints, many are excited to see what impact the twist will have on the house.

The group have predicted a calmer house with less rows and the nomination results should be a lot more interesting and less predictable with Perez out of the equation.

Plus, his return to the house is sure to make for great telly.

Do you think the twist is a good idea? Or is it just a plan to keep Perez in? Add your comments below!

Celebrity Big Brother 2015 airs nightly on Channel 5.

Browse pictures of the latest CBB house action below...

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