Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Katie Hopkins is NOT happy Perez Hilton has gone

Katie H 1

Katie Hopkins has been enjoying life in the Celebrity Big Brother 2015 house minus Perez Hilton, but wish he'd have stayed.

This afternoon, Perez walked out of the Celebrity Big Brother house, or so the others think.

In reality, he's just moved in to a secret room next door and is listening and watching in to their every move, and even having an influence on the house goings on.

In the main house and after being informed that Perez had decided to leave the house, Cami Li joked: "I told Big Brother I was coming to get him so he lucked out."

Katie said: "I was really sorry Alexander went and I feel this is retribution for that.

"[But] I feel that he should've faced eviction like a man, he should face up. I think it's important to stand there and take it gracefully."

Talk then turned to the house dynamics without Perez as Kavana observed: "It's so female heavy here , that's not in a bad way, I tend to get on more with females, but there's no male/female balance."

"There's no alpha male, no lion in the pride," remarked Katie H, before declaring: "I might the alpha male."

All this time and Perez was in his secret room watching over the house with a monitor and earphones.

He said: "The Perez show is back!"

But seeing an upset Nadia on her own after his supposed exit from the house, Perez said to the TV screen in his room: "It's okay, I'm still here. Good vibes. We're going to have a laugh about this, it's okay."

Celebrity Big Brother 2015 airs nightly on Channel 5.

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