Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Perez Hilton loses it with Katie Hopkins!

Perez 2(1)

Perez Hilton blows his top on Celebrity Big Brother 2015 after MORE goading from Katie Hopkins.

In tonight's show, Katie Hopkins shows she still has a score to settle with Perez and continues to taunt him about his obsession with the Big Brother rule book. P

Perez ignores her comments and yawns, pretending to sleep on the sofa next to her. However, when Katie Hopkins brings his parenting skills into question, this is a step too far for Perez, who loses his temper.

In the Diary Room, Perez thanks the British public for calling him two-faced, believing that they are frustrated that he didn’t give them what they want. He describes Katie Hopkins as “desperate, she’s hungry, she’s thirsty, famished. I’m not here to feed her. She should get her nourishment from Michelle’s tits and Cami’s pu**y”

He goes on to add, “If I have not been broken yet, nothing will break me...I don’t give a f**k what the public wants from me. I am going to behave as I see fit and manoeuvre myself in this House to only please myself…If that doesn’t please the public, then f**k you, I don’t give a sh*t!”

Later, Perez tells Michelle that it feels like a “witch hunt” to him. Michelle reasons that he was making people feel uncomfortable for the first ten days and questions if he ever thought about talking to Katie Hopkins.

However, Perez maintains that she “wants to get into fights” with him. Michelle then describes his behaviour as being like a child in need of constant attention before they hug it out.

Later, Perez claims of Katie: “she thinks it’s her show, but it’s not, it’s my show”

In the bathroom, Perez goes on to sing and dance, “It’s the Perez show!” He then explains that he‘s in “full on rage mode”.

Elsewhere, Calum remarks that there are only 12 days left and Katie Hopkins admits “I intend to make those 12 days as hard as I can for him”

Celebrity Big Brother 2015 airs tonight from 9PM on Channel 5.

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