Celebrity Big Brother 2015 housemates react to Perez Hilton's 'exit'

Katie Hopkins 5

The housemates have reacted to Perez Hilton's exit from the Celebrity Big Brother 2015 house.

Earlier today Perez walked from CBB, or so the others think.

In fact, he's moved in to a secret room next door and is listening and watching in to their every move, and even having an influence on the house goings on.

Back in the house and Katie Price said: "Perez rubbed people up the wrong way, it'll be interesting the dynamics now."

Michelle predicted: "I think it'll be so minimal because we do genuinely like each other."

Kav said: "I don't think anyone's going to throw a tantrum now Perez has gone".

But Katie Hopkins claimed: "I think you'd be surprised."

Despite Perez's exit, it certainly doesn't look like tension between the group will disappear with Nadia Sawalha getting annoyed at Katie H today.

It's after Saturday's shopping task showed the outspoken media personality bitching about the other housemates behind their backs.

"I hated yesterday," she complained. "I was really upset with what she [Katie H] said. She's two faced. Unfair as well."

Nadia told Keith Chegwin: "Be warned now, she's very two faced.

"I know they're not going to find anything like that from me about anyone. You know you've not spoken like that about anyone."

"It was very clever stuff," replied Keith, "The public like watching that," adding that the comments about him were "like water off a duck's back."

Celebrity Big Brother 2015 airs nightly on Channel 5.

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