Celebrity Big Brother 2015 spoilers! Day 18 recap and highlights

What happened on Big Brother tonight

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Here's what's happen in Celebrity Big Brother 2015 with a recap of the past 24 hours.

The Housemates are gathered on the sofas, where it is revealed that Big Brother has been hacked. A series of previous conversations and Diary Room chats are then played out to the group, which cause a mixed reaction.

Big Brother then tells the Housemates that he has detected some corrupted audio files and they must help to identify who said each, in order to win a luxury shopping budget.

In the kitchen, Nadia tells Perez that nobody likes him in the House apart from her. Patsy disagrees and says that she does like him but not when he’s “like this” Perez then talks over Patsy, which frustrates her. He maintains, “I’m going to continue to goad. That’s me. I thrive on it.”

Patsy warns that it “it doesn’t make it a very nice environment and Nadia has compromised her entire time here looking after and protecting you…it’s fractured everything” Nadia maintains that she enjoys Perez’s company but admits, “being your friend is not an easy thing”

When a corrupt audio file is played into the House, the Housemate responsible must own up and explain the reason behind their comments. Perez is first to stand up and explain why he said that he thought Calum would be evicted over Alicia. When Perez suggests that the “showmance” between Cami-Li and Calum won’t happen because Calum has a girlfriend, Calum is visibly shocked before saying “it’s all good. All I can bring to the show is a f**king showmance” Katie Hopkins jokes, “Calum’s translation of ‘it’s all good’ means, ‘I’m going to fuc*ing kill him!’”

The next audio file played into the House is Calum describing Perez as manipulating. As he takes to the stand, Calum admits that Perez has “never been directly rude to me, but he’s been several different personalities” Following these revelations, Perez heads to the Diary Room.

Perez tells Big Brother that he is “loving today’s task” and suggests that it will help inform who he next nominates. He admits that “in the real world, I don’t find it easy to forgive, but I can forget. In the Big Brother House, I find it even harder to forgive and I absolutely don’t forget.” He goes on to say that he was “surprised and taken aback” by Calum’s comments and suggests that Katie Hopkins has been “brainwashing” people in the House.

For the second part of the task, Perez, Nadia and Cami-Li must guess the results of an online poll. As they discuss who to choose for each category, the other Housemates speculate who they think it could be. At one point, Katie Hopkins remarks about Nadia, “She’s like Poirot” The results of the online poll were:

o Most two faced – Perez

o Most sincere – Calum

o Most genuine – Michelle

o Most boring – Kavana

o Least trustworthy – Cami-Li

o Most entertaining – Katie Hopkins

o Most unhygienic – Perez

o Least self-obsessed – Keith

o As the Housemates did not correctly guess the answers, they failed this part of the task

In the living area, Nadia and Katie Hopkins disagree about Perez being manipulative. As Perez listens in, Katie admits that she wanted Nadia to leave on Friday because “isolated in this House, he is nothing and that would have been a joy for me”

She adds that she would like to lock Perez in the store room, before admitting that “thinks in the third person. It’s grandiose and I love it…I find myself very funny!” Michelle and Cami-Li then join the conversation, which becomes increasingly heated. Nadia becomes frustrated that she is being referred to as Perez’s mother in the House and maintains that “Just because I boil the f**king pasta doesn’t make me the mama”

Calum and Cami-Li are lying in bed together. As they hug, she jokes, “I worship the ground you walk on” before adding, “It probably looks like I’m giving you some kind of falacio”

For the final part of today’s task, Katie Price, Kavana and Calum must watch a series of videos and viewer’s Tweets, before answering questions about what they have seen. These include Katie Hopkins suggesting that Katie Price “just wants to find a man, but never will” and someone on Twitter who described her as “vulgar, indiscreet and common” The video is also played out to the other Housemates in the living area.

Perez is still angry about the Tweet used in the earlier task and when goaded by Katie Hopkins, he remarks, “Just whip out your d**k and I’ll suck on that” to which she responds, “It’s bigger than yours!”

Cami-Li tells Big Brother that Perez’s comments about her friendship with Calum “really upset” her. She goes on to say that “this man can’t even hold a friendship with a god ‘am flower…I can’t wait till Perez gets the f**k out of here”

In the living area, Perez’s comments on her supposed ‘showmance’ are still upsetting Cami-Li and she remarks that they despite flirting, boundaries would not be crossed. Perez then walks in and announces that it’s been “another edition of the Perez show” and that he loves that people talk about him. Katie Hopkins says that “me, myself and I” are Perez’s favourite words, and he agrees.

Perez goes to the Diary Room and says that Nadia is only person keeping him sane. He speculates that the Tweet was made up before demanding, “Open the f**king door, I’m done talking”, storming downstairs.

In the bedroom, Perez relays his conversation with Big Brother, but Nadia appears fed up, before taking Perez to the snug to talk. Perez tries to cover the cameras with blankets snug, but is advised against it by Nadia.

CBB airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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