Celebrity Big Brother 2015: It all kicks off between the housemates (again)

Celebrity Big Brother 2015

There was another explosive row in the Celebrity Big Brother 2015 house tonight following some stirring by Big Brother.

It started after housemates learned what the public thought of them in a new task.

Perez, Cami Li and Nadia had to correctly guess which housemates had topped various polls as voted in by the viewers.

The results saw Perez voted the Most Two Faced and it was something that Katie Hopkins was quick to try and and get a rise out of him, taunting the showbiz blogger about his 'award'.

But Perez ignored Katie's attempts to cause a fight and said simply: "I'm not talking to you because you mean nothing to me, is your brain so small you cant comprehend that."

With Perez gone, Nadia faced criticism from Katie H as well as Michelle for letting Perez rule over her in the task.

"Whatever Perez said Perez got in the first round which was a load of s**t," Katie H sniped.

"I'm not ruled by Perez" replied Nadia.

Later on and things got more heated after Perez was blamed for people leaving the house and accused of causing Alicia Douvall to be booed during her eviction on Friday.

Cami ended up snapping at Perez: "You say mean things about everyone in the industry."

As he tried to interrupt, Cami ranted: "I'm talking to you, shut your mouth. You think you're God's gift to Big Brother and you honey you are not at the end of the day.

"There are people that have left because you're mean, you call us the mean girls well you're a f**king scumbag."

The task and fallout will air on Sunday night's highlights show on Channel 5.

Browse pictures of the latest house action below...

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