Celebrity Big Brother 2015 housemates learn what the public think of them

Celebrity Big Brother 2015

The Celebrity Big Brother 2015 housemates have learned what the public think of them and it's not all good.

As part of the weekend's hacked shopping task, three housemates today had to help Big Brother repair its circuit board.

The broken board in Big Brother's computer held crucial information about what the public thought of the housemates.

Three housemates - Cami li, Perez Hilton and Nadia Sawalha - had to correctly restore the information.

They had to guess which housemate the public had voted top in various categories from most boring to most two faced.

They had just three attempts to get the right answers but FAILED the task, with the other housemates watching on from the living area.

Perez was voted the Most Two Faced and reacted: "What, that makes no sense, that's crazy I'm the most honest person in this house."

He was also voted the most unhygienic while Katie Hopkins was named as the Most Entertaining.

Cami Li was voted the least trustworthy, Calum the most sincere and Michelle the most genuine.

Kav was named the most boring leading Cami to react: "I can't believe Kav got voted the most boring."

Perez quipped: "I can."

The task and fallout will air on Sunday night's highlights show on Channel 5.

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