Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Big Brother stirs it up by playing Diary Room clips

Celebrity Big Brother 2015

The Celebrity Big Brother house has been hacked and it's up to the housemates to put things right.

It's all part of the latest shopping task which began this morning when random Diary Room clips were played into the house.

They included Cami saying she wanted to snog Cami while Perez was heard bitching about the likes of Katie Hopkins and Michelle Visage.

"Every conversation you thought was private is not, you've been hacked," a booming voice warned the housemates.

Fortunately Big Brother finally got on top of things and told the housemates: "This is Big Brother.

"Big Brother's system has been compromised.

"Big Brother has detected a serious breach and needs Housemates' help to reboot the system and return the house to normal."

If housemates can reboot the system they'll pass the task and win a luxury shopping budget.

For the first part of the challenge, housemates must help Big Brother re-create some corrupted audio file of conversations.

To repair the files, Big Brother needs the housemate or housemates involved to identify themselves.

They must go the podium in the living area as quickly as possible and a push a button. They must then explain who and or what they were talking about in the clip. If Big Brother receives sufficient and accurate information to repair the final, housemates will be able progress through to the task.

Immediately it looked as though the task would cause problems with Perez snapping: "I will take it very personal, if you can't say anything to my face... anything I've said in that room [the Dairy Room] I would say to people's faces."

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Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight on Channel 5.

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