Celebrity Big Brother 2015 spoilers! Day 17 recap and highlights

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Here's a spoiler-filled preview of all of tonight's Celebrity Big Brother 2015 house action.

It' Day 17 and it’s eviction day and little does she know but it’s Alicia’s last night in the Celebrity Big Brother house. She says: ‘I came in to boos but I don’t want to go out to boos.’

Alicia tells Katie Price: ‘I’m like a dog on heat in here.’ Katie tells Alicia and Kavana that she would never tell a man to lose weight and that she doesn’t mind overweight men, she says: ‘Pete put on weight.’ She says that Dane was no ‘six pack hero’ and says to Alicia: ‘Well, you’d know.’ Kavana expresses shock that Alicia has also slept with Dane.

Katie Hopkins tells Michelle what is wrong with the people in the house, she says that Kavana doesn’t really want to be in this industry and says about Patsy: ‘She wants to find a man but never will.’ She also comments that Calum ‘badly wants to be loved.’

Calum is talking, again, about being nominated by Katie Price and says that it’s actually complimentary as she ‘wants him out.’ He also says of Katie Price: ‘Just because I don’t want to talk about my personal life, over and over.’

Michelle tells Katie Hopkins that Perez ‘runs away’ when she enters a room. Kate Hopkins says that she thinks Perez will apologise eventually, when his friends are evicted. Michelle says she doesn’t think this will ever happen.

Alicia talks to Big Brother and muses on the fact that some of the other Housemates have bigger fan bases that her. She says: ‘I’ve found my voice, I’ve found my power.'

Keith is called to the diary room and told that his task will be trying to make the house laugh by telling jokes, The Housemates are also told this but are told not to laugh at his jokes. They all remain straight faced when faced with Keith telling them old jokes. Alicia is particularly good at remaining deadpan.

The Housemates are gathered and told about the task and that Keith has failed as he didn’t make anyone laugh. Keith is then told that the other Housemates were in on the task and were remaining straight faced on purpose. Keith shouts: ‘You b*stards.’

Keith is awarded a guitar and Katie Price demonstrated her singing ability by reaching some ear splitting high notes, much to the annoyance of Katie Hopkins, who is in the next room.

Katie Hopkins quizzes Patsy and asks her if she was given the pay check right now, would she walk? Patsy says she would but Katie says she would rather stay and wait to be nominated.

Nadia tells Big Brother that she finds it frustrating that Katie Hopkins keeps whispering about Perez in Nadia’s earshot. She comments that Katie is ‘obsessed’ with Perez.

Emma goes live to the house and the announcement is made that Alicia is the second celebrity to leave the Big Brother house.

After Alicia has left, Katie Hopkins says: ‘Damn you’. This is either aimed at Perez or the British public for keeping him in the house.

Michelle comments that Alicia ‘walked out with more confidence than she walked in with’.

Keith is upset about Alicia’s departure and gets a bit emotional and is comforted by Patsy.

Patsy goes to the Diary Room but won’t sit in the chair as she looks a ‘fright’. She does eventually sit in the chair when told to by Big Brother but pulls the hood of her dressing gown over her face and remarks that she looks like ‘E.T’.

Cami Li asks Katie Price if she will come and talk to her while she has a shower. Katie Price says: ‘If you want’. Cami Li also lets the group in on the fact she takes pro-biotics for vaginal freshness. Kavana comments that her vagina is like a delicate flower. Katie Hopkins says: ‘Mine is like a battered old daffodil.’

Cami Li teaches Michelle how to pop her hips whilst wearing very short shorts. Katie Price says: ‘Cami, you’ve got no knickers on, I’ve just seen your breakfast.’

Nadia comments to Kavana about her friendship with Perez and says: ‘I don’t make popular choices’. She also adds that if she goes Perez will be on his own.

The episode ends with Perez in the diary room in very tiny trunks and a long black wig. He comments that he is ‘like mother earth’. He explains: ‘You can suck on my t*t all you want and I won’t go dry.’

Celebrity Big Brother airs tonight from 9:15PM on Channel 5.

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