Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Keith Chegwin gets secret task but there's a twist!

Celebrity Big Brother 2015

Kieth Chegwin was given a secret task in the Celebrity Big Brother 2015 house yesterday, or at least so he thought.

Big Brother called Kieth to the Diary Room and revealed details for a very special secret mission just for him.

In order to win treats for the group, he had make each of them laugh with some brilliant jokes.

However, Keith was unaware that his entire chat with Big Brother was being broadcast to the rest of the house.

The real secret task was for the other housemates to fool Cheggers by not laughing at any of his gags.

"Should be easy enough," Katie Hopkins quipped, "We've done that for two weeks."

If the housemates kept straight faces then the whole house would pass the task.

After Keith's time was up the housemates were gathered where Big Brother revealed his secret mission.

Big Brother then surprised Keith by revealing the REAL secret task given to the other housemates with Keith reacting: "You ****s!"

He added: "Oh you sods".

As no housemates laughed at any of Keith's attempts to humour them, the group were rewarded with a special prize.

In the Diary Room, Keith was provided with a guitar to return to the house for the housemates to use.

The task will air in tonight's highlights from 9PM on Channel 5.

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