Celebrity Big Brother 2015 spoilers! Day 16 recap and highlights

Celebrity Big Brother 2015

Here's a recap of all of tonight's Celebrity Big Brother 2015 house action.

It's Day 16 and Katie Price tells the group that she is still worried about her husband’s fidelity.

She says that it’s not him being out or who he is out with but ‘the journey there and back’ she worries about as that’s when his ‘unfaithfulness’ occurred last time. She says that he is an ‘adrenalin addict’ and Alicia comments that he could get that from Thorpe Park.

Nadia says that it’s like crack cocaine and any addiction is ‘selfish’. Alicia ends the conversation by saying: ‘Men are horrible.’

Patsy tells Michelle that she won’t watch the show back as she would be ‘so uncomfortable’. Michelle says that she will watch the show and says: ‘I want to see the way I acted.’

Perez and Nadia chat about Katie Price’s personal life and Nadia says: ‘When you really hear it, she’s phenomenal to still be standing up.’ Perez calls Katie Price ‘inspiring’.

Alicia tells Katie Hopkins that if she ate healthy food and stopped drinking her skin would be amazing. Katie says: ‘I don’t know if I’m super bothered.’ Katie Hopkins then jokes to the group she is being lectured again by her ‘vegan nutter friend’ and gives Alicia a hug.

Katie Price tells Michelle and Katie Hopkins that they are both more open with their opinions whereas Katie will ‘hold back first’ and then say her point. Katie Hopkins says to Katie Price that she shouldn’t have excused her nomination of Calum on the grounds of him being safe. Katie Hopkins says: ‘You should have said he was the least entertaining man in the room.’ Katie agrees she said that to ‘soften’ it and says: ‘It was probably nerves.’

Katie Price says to Big Brother in the Diary Room that she loves being in the house but is ‘dreading leaving’ because of some of her disclosures. She says: ‘I don’t want to keep talking about my exes.’

Big Brother asks her if it is painful to be constantly asked and she wells up and says: ‘I’m still living it.’ She also adds: ‘My heart is in pieces.’

Keith talks to Big Brother and says that he thinks that Perez will go but he hopes that he doesn’t. He says that Perez brightens their day and says: ‘In some ways he is the most honest person in the house.’

Calum and Cami Li have a chat about the possibility of Calum being evicted and Calum says: ‘My gut says yes.’ He also adds: ‘You’ll be lost without me.’ Cami Li shows him one of her tattoos and Calum comments: ‘That is an absolute tramp stamp.’

Katie Price asks Perez if any of his best friends are celebrities. Perez says no and explains: ‘I’ve stopped viewing celebrities as friends.’ He explains it’s better to view the as acquaintances and Nadia agrees saying that he needs to keep ‘professional distance’.

He adds that his friendship with Lady Gaga ‘didn’t work out’ and that he is still friends but no longer close to Katy Perry and says that during her divorce from Russell Brand he didn’t call her and ‘ask for the real scoop’ as that would have made him ‘feel gross’.

Cami Li talks to Big Brother and says: ‘I don’t think Perez is going, which sucks.’ She says that she thinks it will be Alicia or Nadia and comments that the public might want to see Perez without ‘the enabler’.

Perez says to Katie Price that he thinks Calum will go. Katie Price says: ‘I’ll feel pretty shit then.’ Nadia comments that she doesn’t think he will go due to the ‘possibility of romance’.

Michelle tells Big Brother she is surprised who she has connected with in the house and says that Katie Hopkins is the biggest surprise. She says that they ‘were instantly drawn to each other’ and that they have the same sense of humour and that they are ‘so similar in so many ways’.

Celebrity Big Brother 2015 airs tonight from 9PM with Emma Willis.

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