Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Katie Hopkins blasts Patsy Kensit and Keith Chegwin

Celebrity Big Brother 2015

Katie Hopkins has hit out at some of CBB's more quieter housemates in a new rant.

However Katie hasn't been saying the comments to the faces of the celebs, instead mouthing off behind their backs in her weekly column for The Sun newspaper.

Writing for the tabloid today (paid link), Katie first complained about Patsy Kensit... for complaining.

Katie branded Patsy a "master" of moaning and said: "She’s so sensitive, her bedding is presumably washed by the hands of virgins in a tropical stream.

"Patsy’s favourite word is 'mindful' and she tries to be it at all times. Patsy-Coma-Kensit is on the path to Ninja Level Meditation which requires her to shout: “PEACE AND LOVE” at random intervals. Like Yoko Ono with Tourette’s."

Katie also hit out at Keith Chegwin for staying on the fence, saying that he will become isolated in the house.

She explained: "Cheggers will find it increasingly lonely as housemates gravitate away from his magnolia middle ground to opposite ends of the spectrum where there are more colourful characters to hang out with. "

Perez Hilton (of course) and Alicia Douvall both came under attack from Katie, who also objected to some of the celebrities' diets.

She claimed that housemates chose vegetarian and vegan lifestyles as "their way of getting special treatment."

Celebrity Big Brother 2015 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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