Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Has Katie Price been a waste of £500,000?

Katie Price.

It seems that £500,000 buys you a Celebrity Big Brother housemate who only talks about their exes and sex.

And while that's that's been great for the tabloids, it doesn't make for brilliant TV especially with much of what's being said having to be cut from the nightly show.

In last's programme, we saw Katie Price admit that she is dreading the public’s reaction to her during the live eviction because of what she has spoken about in the house.

Having spoken in some depth about exes including Alex Reid and Dane Bowers, Katie said: "I’ve been more detailed but I can’t help it."

Reportedly one of CBB's highest ever paid celebs, Katie's yet to really make an impact in the house.

Big Brother fan Eamonn Holmes said this month: "The killer for Big Brother is Katie Price coming in and taking all the confrontation out of the place."

He claimed at the NTAs: "A couple of boring programmes this week - it's going downhill, it really it.

"And Katie Price is to blame! She's too nice! It was brilliant until she came into it."

However host Emma Willis felt that now was the best time for Katie to have appeared: "A year or so ago I think we kind of felt like we knew everything about her - she's done a lot of reality and what more could we really get from her?

"But she's had such a tough year. I think that it felt like the right time for her, maybe the right time for everybody to see what has happened with her, and how it's been and what she's like now."

Do you think Katie Price has been worth £500,000 so far? Tell us in the comments below!

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