Celebrity Big Brother 2015 eviction: Nadia Sawalha fears being booed out

Celebrity Big Brother 2015

Nadia Sawalha fears getting booed out of the house in tonight's Celebrity Big Brother 2015 eviction.

She faces the axe alongside Perez Hilton, Alicia Douvall and Calum Best.

The topic of the impending eviction has been the talk of the house for the past 24 hours with Cami Li last night predicting: "Perez isn't going anywhere."

Michelle disagreed: "I think it's between Nadia and Perez."

Cami observed: "If you take away Nadia, I think Perez will wilt."

Meanwhile, Nadia herself speculated today: "I don't think it's beyond the realms of possibility hat there may be a double eviction," predicting it could be her and Perez leaving.

Alicia reckoned her and Calum could be in danger, before moaning about having had to face every eviction so far.

Perez said: "I would be very sad if I was not put up every single time."

Nadia continued: "It would be a win if I get to go home but it would hurt if I was voted out by the public.

"My career is not an agitator, I'm not someone people feel strong against, I'm just a likeable, warm person, that'd be a big thing to be booed out."

Elsewhere and Calum was still annoyed at being put up for the axe by Katie Price in Tuesday's nominations twist having deemed the model least entertaining.

He spent this morning ranting to Big Brother in the Diary Room ahead of tonight's live show.

Vote for which of the four nominated housemates who want to stay in the house in our eviction poll here...

See who gets evicted when Celebrity Big Brother 2015 airs from 9PM tonight with host Emma Willis.

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