Celebrity Big Brother 2015 spoilers! Day 15 recap and highlights

Celebrity Big Brother 2015

Here's a spoiler-filled preview of tonight's Celebrity Big Brother 2015 highlights.

It's Day 15 and Katie Price wakes up and says that she didn’t sleep well and says it’s probably guilt as she chose to replace Katie Hopkins with Calum to face the public vote.

Kavana says he has a bit of guilt too after how he spoke to Keith. Kavana says that was the vodka talking and that he erupted like a volcano, he also asks the group of they think Keith will forgive him.

Keith goes to the Diary Room and says that alcohol seems to do funny things to Kavana and that he is hypersensitive. Keith also says that his level of cleaning is his way of coping and wells up, saying that he misses his wife.

Nadia tells Keith that Kavana feel really bad about what happened and Keith says: ‘Good.’ Perez comments that he has stopped drinking in the house and it affects judgement.

Kavana invited Keith to the bathroom for a bit of privacy and ‘profusely apologises’ to him. Kavana does say that he loves Keith but he does have a few digs at him but he understands there is no malice in it.

Keith says that sometimes when people say things to Kavana like ‘come to bed’ they are trying to look after him. Kavana ends the conversation by saying: ‘I hope you know in your heart and your brain, that that’s not the real me.’

Perez tells Keith that he predicted the row between Keith and Kavana and Keith asks him if he has ever thought of being a clairvoyant.

Alicia and Michelle are doing their extensions and Michelle calls Alicia ‘a drag queen.’ Michelle says: ‘Always go fake, as long as your personality is not fake then enjoy the candy coating.’

Perez holds an acting masterclass and isn’t very impressed with Nadia’s acting ability and tells her her scream was ‘fake as s**t’.

Meanwhile Katie Hopkins isn’t enjoying the noise from the acting masterclass, especially from Perez and says: ‘In volume only seen in week one.’

Perez acts up at the window in front of Katie Hopkins and she says: ‘Do one, t*(t face.’

The Housemates’ next task is – The Debate.

The debate team are Nadia, Alicia, Perez and Katie Hopkins. The questions under debate are:

Do celebrities s who have plastic surgery set a good example?

Is remaining neutral a good tactic or a weakness?

Are there any real friendships in the House?

The next debate question is ‘Does anyone in the House take themselves too seriously? Michelle says that they take things too personally but not seriously. Katie Hopkins says that she won’t talk to Perez unless she’s told to by Big Brother. Perez asks if that is a threat or a promise and that her bullying will not hurt him and remarks that Katie Hopkins said that he has back fat. Katie Hopkins says that he does have back fat and that you can see it as he is always wearing spandex. Nadia comments that Katie’s mentioning of people’s physical attributes weakens her argument. Perez finishes by saying to the group about Katie Hopkins: ‘She’s what I used to be.’

Katie Price says to Michelle she is dreading the public’s reaction to her during the live eviction, because of what she has spoken about in the house. She says: ‘I’ve been more detailed but I can’t help it.’ She says that she feels part of the house now and Michelle says: ‘You are one of us now.’

Patsy tells Perez her ‘insides are mincemeat’. Perez tells her that is she wasn’t in the house, she would be riveted. Patsy says: ‘I’m not sure.’

Celebrity Big Brother 2015 airs tonight on Channel 5 from 9PM.

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