Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Kavana says sorry to Keith Chegwin

Celebrity Big Brother 2015

Kavana has apologised to Keith Chegwin after the pair rowed on CBB last night.

We saw a very drunk Kavana lashed out at Keith in last night's show.

In the bedroom, Kavana remarked to Perez Hilton about Keith, “I’ve got a new enemy now, it’s not you, it’s him [Keith].

As Kavana spoke, Keith was still awake in bed and replied “I’m not your enemy” Kavana hit back: “Trust me you are, and you’ll see it tomorrow”.

However waking up sober in the morning, Kavana was only full of apologies for Keith.

"First of all I apologise, I'm really sorry I think you're f**king brilliant," Kavana began.

But he took the chance to bring up something that had been bugging him: "Although you might not realise you do it, when you do call me up on stuff, or little digs, it's been building, building and the volcano erupted.

"Unfortunately that's what I do, let it build and buuild."

But Kavana went on: "I hope somewhere in your heart you know that wasn't the real me."

Keith replied: "I do, I do."

Kav added: "I'm really f**king sorry and gutted I shouted like that."


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