Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Katie Hopkins snaps at Perez Hilton

Celebrity Big Brother 2015

Katie Hopkins snapped at Perez Hilton in the CBB 2015 house today after she failed to get a rise out of him last night.

Yesterday evening saw Katie tauning Perez in a bid to start a row but the showbiz blogger just ignored her.

In the house today and Katie wasn't able to just brush it off when things were switched.

"Do one, f**k off, d**k head," she snapped as Perez stood by the window of the house. "You are an embarrassment to man kind, you revolt me, I have no time for you, you are pathetic.

"You had to stick things in your ears because you're a coward, know that? Remember."

Nadia advised Perez to "stop it", saying: "The trouble is when you do that we have to see her and then look at her because she starts shouting."

But Perez claimed he was doing nothing wrong and was actually messing about with Keith when Katie got involved.

"Everyone in that room as laughing, I did the same thing in a different room, different reaction," he said. "Very different reaction, same thing. I don't want to be different people in this house, I want to be me. If those people can't handle me, that's not my problem.

"I wasn't doing it aggressively, I wasn't even doing it to her, I was doing it at Keith, she thought I was doing it with her."

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