Celebrity Big Brother 2015: It all kicks off again after Big Brother stirs!

Celebrity Big Brother 2015

Things kicked off in the Celebrity Big Brother 2015 house this evening as Big Brother stirred it all up.

Clearly bored of the nicer house we've seen in recent days, Big Brother set the group a new task that was only ever going to end in rows.

The 'Big Brother Debate' was a Loose Women style talk show with Nadia, Michelle, Perez and Katie H on the panel.

The other housemates became audience members and all housemates had to debate certain topics provided by Big Brother.

They included whether certain housemates (i.e. Kieth Chegwin) were being too neutral.

"Any tactic you have to keep your sanity in this house is a good one," said Perez.

Katie H made her feelings clear: "I see in this house a group of people who want to be loved and people who say what is right and stand by their convictions. At least I was authentic and true to my convictions."

Kieth said: "I would say that some people are just like that and I don't think you lot should change my opinions or be hard or nasty or cruel or argue just because you want me to do that, I am not playing your game, if you think I'm neutral, f**k off."

The next topic was whether some housemates took themselves too seriously.

"I don't think we take things too seriously I think we take things too personally," Michelle reasoned.

But Katie H and Alicia clashed over Katie's "hurtful comments", with Alicia claiming that the former Apprentice candidate "pigeonholed" groups of people like Northerners.

"It's strong opinions," responded Katie.

"It's ridiculous opinions," Alicia replied, "Can't you argue without pigeonholing entire groups of people?"

Katie then took the chance to have a go at "parasite" Perez, who replied simply by blowing her kisses.

"I am utterly bored now," snapped Nadia.

Leaving the desk she ranted: "I am not going over and over the same s**t. I am not a performing bear, I'm not going to be told to have an argument with these manics, I will have a debate."

Back at the desk and Katie H got rather hypocritical as she shouted at Perez: "Do not taunt, do not taunt people, you are revolting."

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