Celebrity Big Brother 2015 FIXED for Perez Hilton? He thinks so!

Celebrity Big Brother 2015

Perez Hilton has claimed that Celebrity Big Brother has been fixed... for him to win.

In tonight's show, the housemates are led to believe there is an eviction with Perez up for the chop.

In the living area, Perez performs a dance routine to himself, and remarks “If I have to stay, I’ll die!”

In the Diary Room, Alicia tells Big Brother that she’s love to stay in the House and has a lot more to give. She observes that the dynamic has changed in the House and enjoys her arguments with Katie Hopkins.

She says, “She has the most ridiculous views and we’re bi-polar opposites but it’s quite enjoyable. Its offensive, everything that comes out of her mouth sometimes is offensive. She wears tan tights, for instance, with sandals. I think that’s criminal. We’re so opposite, but it’s quite fun to have someone to play ping pong with.”

Later on and instead of an exit, a twist sees one housemate saved and another put up for the axe for the new eviction on Friday.

Alicia is “pi**ed off because she knew I wanted to stay” and Perez believes that the shock twist is a ploy to keep him in the House, “Producers saw me up for eviction and didn’t want me going home so early, so delayed it”, he says he is “flattered.”

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