Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Kavana explodes Keith Chegwin in late night row

keith chegwin

Things kicked off in the Celebrity Big Brother 2015 house last night between arguably the two most quiet housemates.

After being provided with booze it was perhaps only a matter of time before a row erupted.

But surprisingly the latest housemate argument was between Keith Chegwin and Kavana.

A VERY drunk Kavana started after getting annoyed at not being able to go to the Diary Room.

He ended up 'bantering' with Cheggers, telling him and the other housemates to "f**k off".

But Kav's rude drunken personality didn't please Cheggers who complained: "That really pisses me off... we all have to stay up until he finishes drinking."

Alicia agreed that Kav had a problem when he drunk, saying that the former 5th Story band member "does get rude".

"I didn't like the attitude, the f**k you and all that," Keith added.

Later, Kavana exploded at Keith after he tried to make amends.

Kav blamed his behaviour on the house but Keith seemed to pin it on the drink.

"It's not about being sober, it's about being real," snapped Kavana. "You're not being real. You're perfect aren't you?

"I apologise for being rude, but you keep having little digs at me, it's wearing me down," Kav accused. "Don't get me started Cheggers.

"Don't get me f**kng started because I can say a million things about you sitting on the fence every day. You sit on the f**king fence every day!"

As Kavana ranted the other housemates stepped in encouraging him to stop drinking and head to bed.

The singer ended up branding Kieth 'his new enemy' as the housemates tucked in for the night.

Celebrity Big Brother 2015 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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