Celebrity Big Brother 2015 spoilers! Day 13 recap and highlights

Celebrity Big Brother 2015

Here's a recap of all the latest Celebrity Big Brother 2015 house action.

While some of the Housemates perform a morning workout, Perez talks about himself in the kitchen. Katie Price advises him that he can “go into a little episode” when he is feeling insecure and he admits that he’s actually “really shy”.

Michelle tells Big Brother that she doesn’t buy the “changed” Perez, who she calls out as being “boring”. She suggests that he’s on his best behaviour to impress Katie Price, because he’s a fan. She adds, “At least he’s human…he’s acting like a person…We’re waiting for that next hit, which is terrible…PTPD – Post Traumatic Perez Disorder”

In the bathroom, Alicia asks Katie Hopkins if she would ever have a boob job, if she was offered one for free. Katie admits “it would be quite nice to have some boobs”, before complimenting Alicia and Michelle on theirs. Alicia admits that she was flat chested before she had 18 boob jobs. Michelle admits to having three.

When Alicia says, “The brutal truth is, looks do matter”, Katie suggests that you can “stick a good suit on and look pretty powerful” but Alicia maintains that she wants to look “feminine” Michelle wants a bit of each, “to be fabulously stunningly gorgeous and frighten people”

Perez asks Katie Price about her love life and she admits that the last time she saw her second husband, was in court. She then relays a story where she showed him a “shocking” video of him

Alicia is still talking about her boob jobs and admits that they used “pig skin” to give her breast tissue. She the shocks Katie Hopkins and Michelle by admitting, “I’d rather be dead than not have tits…I could not live without tits.” Michelle tries to reassure her that “being a woman comes from within” and admits she can’t wait to have her implants taken out.

Nadia and Cami-Li talk about Calum. Nadia suggests that he was looking at Cami, making “moon eyes”. She adds that he “goes into himself” before discussing Alicia, who was “really hurt” about being nominated as she wants to stay in the House as long as she can because “she’s really broke”.

Alicia talks to Katie Price about Calum and says, “The stud that they put in isn’t doing much” but adds that she thinks he has a “sparkle in his eye for you”. She then suggests that he’s ignoring her and feels like she’s stalking him because he leaves every time she comes over. Calum, who has been listening to the conversation from the sofa, says that the only reason it’s awkward is because she keeps asking him about nominations. Katie Price advises her not to over analyse.

Katie Price talks to some of the Housemates about the difficulties of having sexual relationships when there is a language barrier. Cami-Li admits to speaking Spanish during sex and cheekily says “sometimes you’re just hurtin’ for a squirtin” Katie Price shocks Housemates by discussing sexual antics with former husband Alex Reid. Michelle discusses the theory that during sex sometimes powerful men want to be the “complete opposite.”

Big Brother gathers the Housemates on the sofa where they are informed that Alicia and Calum had a conversation about nominations. As a result, Housemates are not allowed to use the hairdryers or straighteners, until further notice. Keith jokes, “What am I going to do without straighteners?”

Patsy tells Perez that her privacy is “so important” to her, before talking about her previous marriages. She says that she believes in love and is a hopeless romantic. Perez asks if she would ever get married again to which Patsy replies “never say never, but for now I’m exhausted with sacrament!”

Katie Hopkins tells Michelle that she doesn’t buy all the love in the House, adding “The nicety is getting right on my tits” As the other Housemates cackle, Katie Hopkins becomes increasingly irritated. When Keith suggests that Alicia has “lost it”, Katie mutters, “She never had it to lose.”

Patsy, Kavana and Alica discuss Katie Price, noting that “things could have gone totally different in here”, before describing her as “beautiful” and “real.”

Celebrity Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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