Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Peace disappears as tension returns to the house

Celebrity Big Brother 2015

There was peace in the Celebrity Big Brother 2015 house on Sunday, but will it last?

Like heck!

While the group played best friends in order to win a luxury shopping budget at the weekend, splits are already starting to return.

Alicia Douvall and Perez Hilton were the targets in a number of bitching sessions last night as tension returned to the house.

Katie Hopkins once again blasted Alicia for being "stupid" after model revealed she apparently didn't know the alphabet or "math".

"She can't function," Michelle Visage commented.

The American went on to reveal that she couldn't "watch her [Alicia] eat anymore."

Later and Michelle and Patsy Kensit took aim at a relatively calm Perez.

"He's so unhappy with who he is as a person," Michelle said, adding that he was "the most narcissistic human I've ever seen."

Speaking last night, evicted housemate Chloe Goodman predicted that the peace was only temporary.

"They're just doing it for the sake of the house. Of course it's not going to last," she said.

Elsewhere in the house yesterday and there was an awkward moment when Alicia and Katie Price discussed Calum Best unaware that he was sitting right behind them.

Alicia claimed that the hunky model "hated her" and revealed to Katie P that she had nominated him just as he had nominated her.

Alicia and Calum's nominations chat resulted in the whole house being punished with electricity being turned off to appliances including straighteners and hair dryers.

CBB 2015 airs nightly on Channel 5.

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