Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Chloe Goodman spoke to Police in the house

Celebrity Big Brother 2015

Celebrity Big Brother's Chloe Goodman has revealed she spoke to police in the house.

The Brighton model however said she did NOT press charges after Jeremy Jackson was kicked out of the house for pulling down her robe.

The Baywatch actor was issued with a police caution for assault last week following the incident just three days into the current series.

Speaking today, Chloe said: "I decided not to press charges because I'd heard Jeremy was profusely sorry and realised he'd made a mistake.

"And I am aware that he has got a lot of problems going on away from the show and in his personal life.

"I know how court goes - it's a very long process, you don't move on and put it behind you, you relive the same day until the court case is finished - and for me, I didn't want to re-crucify Jeremy when he knew he'd done wrong."

Meanwhile, the first evicteee of the series revealed how the housemates contemplated a mass walk out over Perez Hilton's behaviour.

"If you don't go in being yourself, eventually you're going to break. You cannot keep up a game. This is what's happening with Perez at the minute,' she said.

Talking on This Morning, Chloe continued: "He's trying to play a game, trying to break people, trying to get people to leave, trying to patronise and torment people and push them to their limit because he thinks it's good TV.

"It's beyond good TV, it's getting to the point where it's bullying. We came together and went, 'Shall we all just quit?' because it's past the point of being a game anymore."

Celebrity Big Brother 2015 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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