Celebrity Big Brother 2015 housemates become Cadets in new shopping task

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The Celebrity Big Brother 2015 housemates have become Cadets in a new shopping task.

This morning the celebs awoke to find all their food and drink had been removed from the house.

In order to win a luxury shopping budget for the next seven days, they must pass their latest task.

Katie Hopkins has been put in charge as the cadet leader as the housemates go back to nature.

They must win various badges by doing good deeds, making sacrifices, helping the environment and - somehow - getting along with one another.

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The tasks the housemates have taken on included a 'recycling challenge' where housemates had to transfer disgusting rubbish between them in cones attached to their heads.

Housemates later had some tough choices to make in order to earn a sacrifice badge: Picking which items would be removed from the house for good between all of the pillows and sunglasses, as well as between Cami Li's bear and Michelle's make up.

Leader Katie H chose to incinerate Cami's bear and the houses' sunglasses, including all seven pairs that Michelle had brought in.

Meanwhile, Katie Hopkins gave Nadia Sawalha and Perez Hilton each some 'good deeds' to do.

Perez was sent to the naughty step for an hour to give the other housemates some peace and quiet while Nadia had to scrub the bath with a toothbrush.

If housemates earn enough badges by the end of the day they'll win a luxury shopping budget.

But if they fail the task it'll be basic rations for the next week, so no blueberries for Alicia...

Celebrity Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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