Celebrity Big Brother 2015 spoilers! Day 10 recap and highlights

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Here's your usual daily recap of the latest Celebrity Big Brother 2015 goings on.

As the Housemates wake up, on eviction day, they discuss Perez’s antics from last night. In the kitchen, Keith is offering advice to Perez, who says “I genuinely want to go home!” Keith suggests that he needs to consider other people’s emotions and asks why he doesn’t just quit – Perez admits it’s because he wouldn’t get paid.

Perez doesn’t seem to listen to Keith, which frustrates him. Patsy calls from the sofa and says that Perez doesn’t let people talk, and Nadia adds that he has let his friends down. When Katie Hopkins starts antagonising Perez and questioning why Keith gives him the time of day, Keith loses his patience and says, “I’m not going to be irrational, walking around, stomping around and shouting things out…I’m not just going to walk away from everybody”

In the kitchen, Alicia remarks that there were “a few potty mouths” last night. Keith tries to diffuse any potential situation, but Katie Hopkins presses the point. Alicia admits that Cami-Li was a “potty mouth last night” Cami-Li says she has no regrets and jokes that she is being manipulated by Katie.

In the bedroom, Nadia advises Perez that he needs to be entertaining. Perez sobs and says that would keep him in the House, and he wants to go home. Nadia tells him to pull himself together.

Alicia tells Big Brother that Cami-Li and Katie are really hoping she will leave. She admits that she can’t be in the same room as Katie, and adds that Cami-Li has “Scotch courage” when she’s had a drink.

Calum tells Perez that he’s “gutted” for him, because he some things he says can make sense, but he just provokes people and makes them feel uncomfortable. Perez suggests that the other Housemates “should all leave because I’m stuck here till the very fu*king end”

In the bedroom, Alicia tells Nadia that “maybe I have been a bit gullible” as she now thinks Perez may have been taking advantage of her.

Big Brother has laid on a Fairy Tale Ball for the Housemates. However, the ball has been cursed and whenever Big Brother plays music into the House, they must get up and dance. The crowd can be heard chanting, “Get Perez out!” As Keith tries to comfort Chloe, he starts to cry and remarks “everyone is lovely, apart from one”.

Chloe becomes the first Housemate to be evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother House. Alexander admits to Big Brother that he thought he would be the one to go.

Twenty minutes after Chloe was evicted, the music starts again. Perez, who is sitting by the stairs, refuses to get up and dance. As the music stops, Katie Price enters the House to cheers from the audience. Michelle is very excited by her arrival but Katie seems less thrilled as she mouths “Oh dear!”

Big Brother announces that Katie Price has to banish three Housemates. She chooses Perez because “the House need a fu*king break”, Cami-Li because she needs to “sort her sh*t out” with Perez, and Nadia because she is “such a strong woman” The chosen Housemates then have to step into a gilded cage, where they will spend the rest of the evening.

Perez sits silently in his cage, ignoring Alexander who is blowing kisses at him. Alicia advises Perez to “keep prospectus”, and is corrected by Alexander, who seems pleased to have been saved.

Katie Price tells Big Brother that she feels “relieved” after her welcome to the House. She admits that she’s watched the show and seen the backstabbing, noting that Katie Hopkins has been really nice to her so far. Big Brother then gives her the power to release the Housemates from the cage, when she chooses to.

Katie Price then re-joins the group; she releases Perez, Nadia and Cami-Li from their cage. Cami-Li hugs Katie Price, who asks her to be careful, inviting her to look under her t-shirt to see what she means. Cami-Li is shocked by what she sees.

Later, Perez is alone in the bedroom while Katie Price holds court in the kitchen. She reveals that some of the papers referenced Katie Hopkin’s comments about her child, Bunny and admits that her husband failed three lie detector tests.

Celebrity Big Brother 2015 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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