CBB 2015: Katie Price vows to 'put Perez Hilton in his place'

perez hilton

New Celebrity Big Brother 2015 housemate Katie Price has vowed to put Perez Hilton in his place.

Katie entered the house in last night's live show and has made no secret that she's been watching the series nightly.

Speaking before entering the series yesterday, the reality star said: “I know Perez, I’ve met him in LA and London. Every time I’ve met him, he has been so quiet and shy, really reclusive. He’s putting on an act [in the house].

“I don’t understand why anyone would go on there and pretend to be something they’re not."

Katie told The Sun newspaper: “He’s not doing himself any favours in my opinion.

“He’s been critical, but I don’t care. He may have a pop at me, but I will put him in his place.

“I haven’t got a game plan, I’m just going to be myself and not take any s***.”

But Katie claimed that people may be surprised by her in the house as she revealed that she would NOT be confrontational unless pushed.

“I don’t like to argue, I’m a very tolerant person, so if you see me kick off, you know I’m f***ing angry," Katie explained. “I hate people who are disrespectful, people who don’t have manners and don’t say please or thank you."

She added: “I am expecting people to start on me. If I go mad, I’ll say, ‘Why don’t you just f***ing do one and stick it up your a***?’."

Celebrity Big Brother 2015 airs nightly at Channel 5.

Browse pictures of last night's live show action below...

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