Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Keith Chegwin loses it with Perez Hilton in 'biggest row yet'

keith chegwin

Keith Chegwin clashed with Perez Hilton in the Celebrity Big Brother 2015 house yesterday.

The up until now fence sitter Kieth snapped with Perez in what the other housemates have described as the biggest row yet.

Keith confirmed: "I was NOT happy with him."

Michelle Visage added of the housemate who had been named Switzerland due to his fence sitting: "He got his balls."

Up until yesterday Keith was pretty much the only housemate to have been supporting Perez in the house.

The two were seen laughing together in the latest highlights show as Perez danced around topless in the garden while thrusting and making suggestive sounds.

But the next day Perez's behaviour and antics got too much even for Keith.

It was after the showbiz blogger woke up the whole house at 5AM by purposely coughing loudly in the bedroom.

The result was a fuming Alexander O'Neal who erupted at Perez: “Why the f**k are you coming up here, I don’t want to kiss that s**t God dammit!” snapped the singer. “Why the f**k are you coming up here with that s**t. Motherf**ker."

He added: “Perez will you take your motherf**king a**e back to where you f**king live.”

After all the arguments, Perez was left in tears and wanting to leave the house.

He sobbed to Nadia: "I genuinely want to go home."

And this was all BEFORE the live eviction where the crowd were heard loudly chanting to 'Get Perez Out'.

Celebrity Big Brother 2015 airs nightly at Channel 5.

Browse pictures of last night's live show below...

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