Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Cami Li explodes at Alicia Douvall in big row

Celebrity Big Brother 2015

There's a big row in the Celebrity Big Brother 2015 house tonight between the girls.

Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Cami Li explodes at Alicia Douvall in big row
Cami Li, Chloe Goodman, Alicia Douvall and Nadia Sawalha all lock horns in the bedroom.

It begins with a conversation about Perez continues in the bedroom with Nadia trying to keep the peace saying, “people are just made in different ways” and “he’s just outrageously camp”

Chloe says, “I’m entitled to my opinion” and Nadia agrees, but goes on to defend Perez saying “I haven’t seen Perez actually be unpleasant to you all day”. Cami-Li thinks that Perez has used Patsy and Alica as “pawns”.

Later the topic moves on to Alicia with Nadia saying that it’s unkind that Cami-Li and Chloe say “The only reasons people want to know Alicia is for manipulative reasons”

A fiery argument ends up breaking out between Nadia, Alicia, Cami-Li and Chloe.

Nadia tells Cami-Li and Chloe that she is “backing up Alicia because you said she is worthless to know”

Alicia maintains, “I’m not thick, I realise everything, you are taking me for a fool”

When Alicia suggests that they are being manipulated by Katie, Cami-Li explodes and screams saying, “I feel sorry for you because you are thick and f**king dumb” adding, “I can go home to a family that loves me when obviously you don’t”

Alicia is outraged by this comment and storms out of the bedroom.

Meanwhile, in the Diary Room, an emotional Michelle talks to Big Brother about Perez’s actions.

She says, “What we just witnessed is an outrage” and that Perez “sets our community back fifty years”. She goes on to say, “He’s an embarrassment, I do not want people judging the gay community on this ass.”

Celebrity Big Brother 2015 airs tonight from 9PM with the live eviction and brand new CBB housemate.

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