Celebrity Big Brother 2015 eviction: Chloe Goodman desperate to stay

Celebrity Big Brother 2015

Chloe Goodman is determined to stay in the Celebrity Big Brother 2015 house tonight.

She faces the axe against Alicia Douvall, Michelle, Visage and Alexander O’Neal in the first eviction of the series.

In this evening's highlights show, Chloe tells Big Brother that staying in the House “means more to me than anything” and goes on to say that her motivation for staying is to make “people proud” and to “make sure Perez doesn’t win”

She goes on to say that she will become a “mini Perez” to make his life “hell” in the House, adding, “I will make him disappear into the background of Celebrity Big Brother…as long as Perez doesn’t have an audience, that’s what will kill him…I plan on taking everything away from this man, because he deserves nothing”

Elsewhere and Perez and Alicia also discuss the upcoming eviction.

Alicia believes she will be evicted but adds that she’s met some amazing people in the House. Perez says that she needs to trust him that the British public will keep her in the House.

Celebrity Big Brother 2015 airs tonight from 9PM with the live eviction and brand new CBB housemate.

Browse pictures of tonight's show below...

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