Celebrity Big Brother 2015 results: Chloe Goodman says 'I'm not mean, I'm right'


Chloe Goodman has insisted she wasn't a mean girl in the CBB house, just right.

Chloe got the boot in tonight's Celebrity Big Brother 2015 results after facing the first eviction against Alicia Douvall, Michelle, Visage and Alexander O’Neal.

Speaking to host Emma Willis after her exit, Chloe said: "It's always brutal but I went in there and I did what I needed to do which was be myself.

"I watch the show every year and I see people say they want to leave but genuinely but there's not one person in there who wants to stay.

"Perez is the biggest wind up merchant I've met in my life."

Chloe continued: "I never expected to be so hard as that and so easy at the same time."

The Brighton model praised the "strong" characters, "bar one", who helped her following Jeremy Jackson's ejection after he pulled down her dressing gown robe in the toilet.

She went on to tell Emma of her new BFF Cami Li: "She's so down to earth, she's got a brilliant sense of humour. She's just amazing.

"I want her to just smash it now, I want to see her in the final because she deserves it."

On her 'mean girl' tag, Chloe replied "How can we be apart of the mean girls when most of the things we said were right?"

She added of Perez: "You see one hour a day, I'm living with that man. From the moment you wake up, he is in your ear."

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Tonight's live show isn't over yet with a brand new housemate set to enter.

Celebrity Big Brother 2015 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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