Celebrity Big Brother 2015 spoilers! Day 8 recap and highlights

Celebrity Big Brother 2015

Here's all the latest house highlights from the Celebrity Big Brother 2015 house ahead of tonight's show.

Yesterday, Perez and Cami-Li were crowned King and Queen of the Fairies, and the House wakes up under a new regime. Alicia remarks, “That kind of went a bit tits up last night!”

While discussing last night’s royal bust up, Nadia remarks to Patsy that Cami-Li “completely lost it” after Perez told her to “put on a lesbian scene” to get more press. Meanwhile, Perez likens being in the House to being a parent and describes last night’s events as being “crazy” to Alicia.

Cami-Li asks Big Brother if she can divorce Perez, before adding “All is not well between the King and Queen and I cannot wait to execute him, and off with his head!”

In the bedroom, Perez is still gossiping about last night’s events to Alicia and Kavana. An irritated Alexander has overheard the exchange and tells Perez that he really needs to stop it and “give it a rest”

In the bedroom, Cami-Li and Katie are discussing last night’s argument with Perez. Keith joins the group and says that he can see both points of view but admits that it was a stupid idea for a PR stunt, with no thought of how it would affect other people. Cami-Li admits that she “was Royally pis*ed”

King Perez reveals that he has a task for Katie and will ask her to paint his finger nails. Patsy quips, “Can we not, as a nation, have a revolution and overthrow the King?” Katie questions what would happen if she said no, but Perez is adamant that no is not an option. Katie then decides to push the matter further and asks “What would happen if you asked me to suck your kn*b?” This exchange annoys Perez, who asserts his power by saying that he will ‘banquish’ Katie, when he meant ‘banish’. Katie corrects his mistake and points out that the English language is “difficult”, further annoying Perez.

Under the reign of the new King and Queen of the Fairies, a talent show has been requested. Whoever the King and Queen find most entertaining will become Court Jesters and will be immune from the public vote. Keith hosts the show and highlights include;

o Kavana performs his hit song, ‘I Can Make You Feel Good’

o Chloe recites a poem, which includes the words, “There once was a King called Perez, who had an abnormally large head”, before ending the recital with the words, “Perez, you can kiss my arse” and revealing her G-string

o Nadia then performs a Shakespeare monologue, granting Perez and Cami-Li a divorce

o Before Alicia can start her performance, Perez announces that he is a little “disappointed” that the performances so far have “been hurtful to a lot of people”

o Alicia then advises Keith what plastic surgery he could benefit from and suggests an eye lift, liposuction and shaving his toes

o Michelle gives feedback her on some of the Housemates

o Katie then takes to the stage and reads a column she has written, criticising the Housemates, much to the disappointment of Perez, who sighs throughout

o Alexander sings his hit single, ‘Criticise’ and the rest of the Housemates join in

o Perez and Cami-Li choose Keith and Nadia as the most entertaining Housemates, and they will be immune from eviction, which Nadia describes as “a punishment”

Nadia remarks to Perez about Katie, “I don’t want to be breathing her air”. Katie says Perez and Nadia are “so thrilled with themselves” and discusses with Keith their definite “game plan”. Nadia says she is “not going to discuss anything with Katie Hopkins.” Alicia remarks to Katie that “she feels sorry for her”, her comments were “ignorant” and that she had not taken the time to get to know her.

Keith and Kavana discuss Alicia in the kitchen. Keith says that he admires her and finds it “bizarre” that people speak to her in the way they do.

Celebrity Big Brother 2015 airs at 9PM tonight on Channel 5.

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