Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Katie Hopkins upsets Alicia Douvall with insults

Celebrity Big Brother 2015

Alica Douvall was once again upset by Katie Hopkins in the CBB 2015 house this evening.

On Tuesday night's show we saw Alicia and Katie clash over bananas of all things while a critical Katie blasted Alicia as being a "cruel" mum over her daughter's diet.

In last night's episode, Alicia confronted Katie about calling her cruel regarding her daughter’s diet and told her that she found it hurtful and that she didn’t sleep last night.

Alicia told Katie: ‘You’re not on Twitter now!’ Katie apologied to Alicia and they eventually agreed to ‘park it’.

However it's not been 'parked' for long as the pair again clashed in the house tonight.

Battling for immunity from eviction, all of the housemates except the King (Perez) and Queen (Cami) took part in a talent show.

Katie's talent was being insulting and she did a good job of it, targeting Alicia with a string of insults again about her diets and her "one brain cell".

Alicia didn't react during the show but later retreated to the bedroom to complain about the "hurtful" remarks.

She went on to warn the other housemates "I will blow hat her a one point, at one point I'm going to stick up for myself."

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Celebrity Big Brother 2015 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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