Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Nadia Sawalha asks to leave

Celebrity Big Brother 2015

Nadia Sawalha has asked to leave the Celebrity Big Brother 2015 house.

The soap star had threatened to quit because of Ken Morley but even with him now having been kicked out, Nadia still wants to go.

She went to the Diary Room to talk to Big Brother and told producers: "I do actually want to go home, I know every year people come in and say that but it's not worth the cheque."

Later, Nadia went to confess to Patsy Kensit she was preparing to walk out.

"I have asked to go," Nadia told her, "This is just horrific... I can't do it."

Patsy begged: "You can't, you can't leave without me, you can't... I'm going to go in and talk to them [Big Brother].

Later however it seemed that Nadia may have had a slight change of heart.

Back in the Diary Room she told big Brother: "I think all of us are missing our families so much but today I'm just going to try and not be quitter and push through."

In the evening, Nadia was one of two more housemates who won immunity from Friday's eviction.

But she reacted: “Oh, that’s a punishment.”

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Meanwhile, Perez warned BB he would "quit this f**king show" in a diva rant over the air conditioning.

Celebrity Big Brother 2015 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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