Celebrity Big Brother 2015 spoilers: Two more immune from eviction

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Celebrity Big Brother 2015

Two more housemates have been made immune from Friday night's first Celebrity Big Brother 2015 eviction.

Yesterday, Housemates took part in a game that they were told would decide who would be safe from eviction this week and who would face the public vote.

What they didn't realise is that the last person to be chosen would actually be immune from eviction and will become King or Queen of the Fairies.

Cami 'lost' the game and ended up being crowned Queen and appointed Perez her King making him also immune from eviction.

Tonight saw the other housemates become royal jesters and take part in a talent show.

All of the subject housemates had five minutes to perform for the King and Queen with acting, songs, dances and jokes.

The King and Queen then had two minutes to deliberate and pick the two most entertaining housemates.

Cami and Perez picked Nadia Sawalha and Keith Chegwin as the most entertaining from the task and so as a result the pair have become immune from the public vote this week.

However the pair's reactions to the news wasn't as expected as they claimed they were disappointed.

Nadia sighed: "Oh, that's a punishment."

However their reactions weren't completely believed by their fellow housemates with Katie Hopkins claiming that they were both desperate to stay in the house.

Any housemate who is not saved from eviction by the King and Queen will end up facing Friday's first eviction.

Celebrity Big Brother 2015 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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