Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Nadia Sawalha 'forced bosses' to boot Ken Morley

Celebrity Big Brother 2014

Celebrity Big Brother 2015 housemates 'forced' bosses to boot Ken Morley from the show, it's been claimed.

The Daily Star newspaper reports that show producers felt they had no choice but to kick Ken out after a number of other housemates threatened to walk.

Nadia Sawalha, Perez Hilton and Patsy Kensit all threatened to quit the show in the lead up to Ken's exit.

In the Diary Room last night we saw Nadia claim that Ken had made her feel ill while Perez compared the soap star's exit to being "cancer free".

The Daily Star newspaper reports that Ken was removed after the celebs even began to pack their bags to leave the show.

“If they had all gone, it would have been the end of the show, probably for ever. There is no way that BB could have survived the shock of a mutiny of that order," a source told the tabloid today.

In the end of course Ken pretty much sealed his own fate with more offensive and unacceptable language following his warning at the weekend.

Speaking yesterday, Ken hit out at show producers for editing out some of the other housemates' behaviour towards him.

He revealed on Loose Women: “Cami came down the stairs, she walked behind me and she bit me hard on the ear. I jumped up and said, ‘Why have you done that?’ And she said, ‘Cos you like it’. Did you see that? No you didn’t!”

CBB continues nightly on Channel 5.

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