Celebrity Big Brother 2015 spoilers! Day 4 recap and highlights

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Here's a recap of all the latest house action from Day 4 of Celebrity Big Brother UK.

The Housemates wake up after a very eventful night that saw Jeremy being removed from the House. In the kitchen, Keith predicts that there will be “a burst again tonight” Perez adds that “we’ve seen that “Ken doesn’t give a sh*t” and Nadia agrees, saying “He could blow up all through the day”

Patsy, Chloe and Michelle discuss Ken in the bedroom. Patsy suggests that the British public will want to keep Ken in the House but his comments were “totally inappropriate” to woman. Michelle asserts that she is used to people like him but that he has no respect.

Ken claims that he was too “pissed” to remember last night’s events, including his argument with Perez.

When Chloe tells Michelle and Cami-Li about Ken’s forgetfulness, Michelle disagrees, saying “he’s embarrassed” and that it’s just “an easy way out”. Chloe goes on to say that she plans to speak to Jeremy, when she leaves the House, to clear things up.

The Housemates are then gathered in the garden for today’s task. While Ken reads out a Fairy Tale, Michelle must correctly guess which celebrity is behind each statement.

In the bedroom, Alicia remarks that Perez’s comments “backfire” on him when he presses a point. Cami-Li goes to talk to Perez and he admits that he’s “over thinking everything”

In the kitchen, Chloe asks Ken if he would ask the type of question he asks in the House, in the outside world. Ken says that “the nature of this show is confrontation” and that he is doing the things he does as part of the game.

For winning today’s task, Big Brother throws the Housemates a party. While the other Housemates show off their dance moves, Ken watches on.

Calum, Michelle and Alicia are getting ready for bed and Michelle remarks that it’s “the Perez show again, I had to leave”, adding that it’s “so exhausting”

Celebrity Big Brother 2015 airs tonight on Channel 5 at 9PM.

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