Big Brother 2015 prize fund rises to £150,000

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The prize fund for the Timebomb series of Big Brother 2015 has seen a £50,000 increase.

Big Brother returns to our screens on Channel 5 later this month on May 12, 2015 and this year the housemates will be playing for a £150,000 jackpot.

At least that's the starting amount, with previous series seeing various amounts of money won in all sorts of twists.

In 2009, Sophie "Dogface" Reade won the series but took home £71,320 after rule breaking saw Big Brother punish the group by reducing the prize money.

In 2011, the first series to be broadcast on Channel 5 saw £50,990 awarded to winner Aaron Allard-Morgan in a rather convoluted 'shock twist'.

And the year after in 2012 saw arguably Big Brother's most controversial twist to date as Conor McIntyre walked out of the house with half of the £50,000 prize fund, leaving eventual winner Luke Anderson the other £50,000.

As for what Big Brother has in store this year, we'll have to wait and see.

But host Emma Willis has teased that the timebomb theme will see everything "turned on its head" with Big Brother teasing: " Time may be a friend or an enemy and for some it may well run out..."

Big Brother: Timebomb kicks off at 9PM on Channel 5, May 12.

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