Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Stephanie Pratt hits back at Edele Lynch

Celebrity Big Brother - Summer 2014

Stephanie Pratt has hit back at Edele Lynch following the pair's post CBB 2014 final fight.

There was quite the fallout between the two celebs, who ended up seemingly fighting over George Gilbey, on Bit On The Side earlier this month.

Speaking about what went on, Edele claimed last week: “Stephanie went mental. She’s not a happy camper.

"She made it very clear in the house that she didn’t like George in that way, in any shape or form. She made that clear to George and I. I don’t think she has any grounds to be upset."

Edele also suggested that things even got physical between the pair off camera.

The B*Witched singer recalled: "She called me some nasty names and pushed me and I said to her, ‘Ok , there will be trouble now if you push me again, I won’t have that because I won’t have people push me around’."

But while Stephanie admits: "Oh yeah, I told her she's a w****. At the finals, when she came up as she was evicted. George just avoided me."

She insists: "She said I pushed her, which is ridiculous."

Speaking to Now magazine this week, Stephanie went on: "Edele and George were my two best friends in the house - Edele and I shared a bed. I thought they might be a bit sad when I got evicted. I'd be sad if my best friend left. But Edele got in his bed and started hooking up with him.

"I was just so shocked and I felt betrayed. If it was anyone else – like Lauren – it would've been fine. But instead of Edele being sad I'd left, she was like: 'Great, I can have George now.' If she liked him from the start she should've told me. It's a bit bizarre.”

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