Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Stephanie Pratt "went mental" at Edele Lynch

Celebrity Big Brother - Summer 2014

The bizarre Celebrity Big Brother 2014 love triangle saw Stephanie Pratt go "mental" at Edele Lynch after the final.

We saw quite a bit of the fallout between the two girls, who ended up seemingly fighting over George Gilbey, on Bit On The Side.

Speaking about what went on, Edele revealed this week: “It was awkward on the eviction night. Stephanie went mental. She’s not a happy camper.

"She made it very clear in the house that she didn’t like George in that way, in any shape or form. She made that clear to George and I. I don’t think she has any grounds to be upset."

Edele told website Beamly: "It would have been nice to have a conversation about it with her and clear the air but she preferred to shout.

"She can carry on shouting because I’m not interested in that.”

Edele went on to reveal that things even got physical between the pair off camera.

The B*Witched singer recalled: "She called me some nasty names and pushed me and I said to her, ‘Ok , there will be trouble now if you push me again, I won’t have that because I won’t have people push me around’."

And Edele added that George was 100% on her side.

“George is the same as me," she said. "This is playground tactics and you really shouldn’t be behaving like that.

"George and I are really good friends so it was good to know he’s not going to react to it. She’s obviously having some sort of battle with it. She has to have that battle with herself.”

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