Big Brother 2014's Helen Wood, Danielle McMahon clash ahead of wrap party

Big Brother Summer 2014

Big Brother 2014 housemates Helen Wood and Danielle McMahon clashed on Twitter ahead of last night's end of series wrap party.

The warring pair kicked off after Danielle lashed out at Helen branding her - amongst other things - "scum", a "tramp" and a "home wrecking w***e".

"Hear the ultimate skets off again- embarrassing so embarrassing lowest scum of them all is that thing urgh gives me the creeps.." Danielle tweeted, "Isuppose that's what some people are only good for these days.. Bullying innocent people who you are jealous of and lying on your back 🙂

"Oh and being a sewer level home wrecking w***e of course too 🙂 and lets not forgot being racist in mocking people's religion.. Such aClassy woman..."

Danielle added: "Scumy scum who can go take a fuck to herself - disgrace to humanity who I won't even waste my time looking at #ultimatesket

"And that's all the time I'm going to give to that tramp 🙂 getting ready to see my girls @toya_w @ashleighcoyle22 champagne on ice x"

Helen replied: "See you soon... I'll buy you a drink.

"Do they still sell holy wine to sly sl** buckets like you now you've been rumbled?"

Later on in the evening and as the wrap party kicked off at Gilgamesh in Camden, North London, Helen tweeted: "Said Hiiiiiiii to mrs Doyle (sarcastic) she wondered off with her rosemary beads, don't think she likes my perfume."

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