Tamara Stewart-Wood gets topless as she talks Big Brother 2014

Tamara Stewart-Wood

Big Brother 2014 housemate Tamara Stewart-Wood has been taking her clothes off for a new photoshoot.

The head hunter business woman was the first to be booted out of the show this year and has taken part in a rather provocative photoshoot for the Daily Star newspaper.

Speaking about her time on BB inbetween posing naked along with some carefully placed props, Tamera revealed how her parents were "supportive" of her time on the show .

She said: "They were really sad for me over BB, but said, 'You took a risk, fair play, yet it didn't pay off.'

"Who wouldn't say no to a one in 16 chance of winning £100,000, you'd be mad. That's the slimmest lottery you'll ever get. They just want me to be happy."

And discussing her short lived romance both inside and outside the house with Winston Showan, Tamera went on: "He is really sweet and he is very funny, I do have fun with him. I've got no hard feelings now.

"I can look back and laugh. But at the time, I was livid. He's in his late twenties, but he doesn't act like he is. He's a teenage boy trapped in a man's body."

Asked whether or not the pair could get back together at tonight's wrap party, Tamera replied: "Could you imagine!"

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