Celebrity Big Brother 2014: White Dee forced to move house over racist abuse

Celebrity Big Brother - Summer 2014

White Dee is set to quit Benefits Street after her kids were targeted with racist abuse.

Dee made the final of Celebrity Big Brother 2014 last week but her agent Barry Tomes said that the abuse and online trolling has only got worse since she appeared on the show.

"It just got a bit silly. The abuse has got bigger and bigger," he said this week. “She’s been getting quite a lot of hateful stuff on Twitter, and it’s clearly going to get a lot worse.

“There was the comment online about her kids being liquorice allsorts, which is just vile and not at all acceptable.”

“So, she’s decided the family needs a bit of normality.”

Dee herself explained: "I can deal with just about anything but when people bring the colour of my children's skin into it that's when I get annoyed."

She revealed in an interview with the Daily Star on Sunday: "I was called a 'race-mixing whore' by one and another said my kids are like a bag of Liquorice Allsorts because they're different colours."

The mum of two also claimed that her choice to quit James Turner Street was down to 'fans' camping outside of her house and weirdos driving up and down her road.

"Like any mother you worry about the safety of your children. I always put their safety first above anything else," she said.

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