Celebrity Big Brother 2014: White Dee blasts 'disgusting' Gary Busey over "indecent exposure"

Celebrity Big Brother - Summer 2014

Bitter Celebrity Big Brother housemate Dee Kelly has hit out at Gary Busey, accusing him of "indecent exposure" in the house.

Last night saw Gary triumph in the final while Dee ended up in fifth place out of the final six housemates.

Talking about Gary after her exit, Dee claimed: “He has exposed himself on purpose to a lot of other young girls and some of the lads in the house. To me that’s indecent exposure."

She told the Daily Star newspaper: “If my daughter was in the house, I personally would have kicked that door down, run in, either dragged her out or beat him up. It’s absolutely disgusting."

Dee added: “Gary won fair play to him, but all I can say is you try living with him. He’s the most disgusting person I’ve ever come across in my life and I hope never to come across someone so disgusting ever again.”

However Gary claimed that the other housemates overreacted and were just trying to make him look bad.

Speaking about the 'kitchen incident', Gary explained: “I have knee problems and I had to put on my knee brace because I couldn’t walk to the bathroom, it was too painful and my painkillers hadn’t kicked in.

“I simply sat on a stool away from everyone and Dee came in the door, she couldn’t see me but they use these to make the most negative things out of me.

"It’s just a way of them surviving."

CBB will return to Channel 5 in the new year.

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