Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Claire King spent a week in hospital

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Claire King has revealed she spent a week in hospital after leaving Celebrity Big Brother 2014.

The Emmerdale actress was forced to quit the show to seek medical attention after coming down with a mystery illness.

Speaking on Bit On The Side tonight, Claire revealed how she had spent a week in hospital was but was now feeling "fine" and "on the mend".

She told host Rylan Clark: "I'm gutted I couldn't go back, I tried, they wouldn't let me go back!"

Tonight's post-CBB final BOTS also saw the housemates hit out at winner Gary Busey who won Celebrity Big Brother 2014 in the public vote.

"He's without a doubt a character, you don't deny that," George said, giving arguably the most positive review of the champ.

Dee claimed Gary was not a deserving champ, saying: "Because I've been spat at, exposed, no innocent person like me should see Gary with his trousers down. It was gorgeous George or big H for me," statements that Edele agreed with.

James Jordan was also against Gary's win, explaining: "In my opinion, no, Gary did nothing in that house, he didn't wash or clean, he's rude, he says he's changed but he hasn't changed.

"He's a winner, the public have voted for him so he's the real winner, but I don't believe they've seen the right winner."