Celebrity Big Brother 2014: James Jordan voted biggest game player

CBB Summer 2014

James Jordan has been voted as the biggest game player in the Celebrity Big Brother 2014 house.

In tonight's show the results of this week's online viewers poll are revealed.

As part of a quiz style task, the housemates are split into two teams and must guess correctly what the pubic thought of them.

The Housemates are split into a red and blue team. The red team consists of Audley, Lauren, Gary and George and the blue of Dee, James, Edele and Ricci.

The first question is ‘which housemates most wants’ to win’. Dee says Gary which is incorrect but Audley guesses correctly that it is James.

The second question was ‘who is the most attractive housemate’, Housemates guessed incorrectly twice by saying Ricci and Lauren as it was actually Audley.

Next is ‘which housemate do the viewers think is the most talented’ Lauren guesses this correctly saying Gary.

Next is ‘who is the most boring’, the Housemates guess this wrong twice with Edele and Audley as it is actually Ricci.

The next question is ‘who has the biggest ego’. James got this correct as he answered himself.

The final question ‘which housemate do viewers think is the biggest player’, James says George which is incorrect, Audley also gets it incorrect saying Dee as it is in fact James.

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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